Brennan Group Hospitality

Brennan Group Hospitality (BGH) owns, operates, and manages restaurants. BGH currently seeks investors and/or strategic partners to collaborate with on the creation of new restaurant concepts, brands, and other entrepreneurial ventures. In addition, BGH licenses brands, and manages F&B operations for hotels, corporate dining facilities, and other third party partners. 

• Concept Development
• Management/Operations
• Licensing
• Partnerships
• Brand Development
• Project Management
• F&B Operations


Brennan Group Hospitality (BGH) specializes in the hospitality industry, with a focus on food & beverage and restaurant management. Providing a wide range of services from ideation, to turnkey, BGH consults on an array of projects from fine dining and fast casual restaurants to retail specialty food shops, consumer brands, and bespoke catering. We bring passion, energy, and Michelin-starred standards to projects of every size and scope.

For smaller projects, Chef Brennan is available as both an advisor and mentor, working directly with owners and their selected management teams to achieve significant bottom line results. BGH is committed to helping you reach your intended goals, with an eye to increasing profitability and improving overall operating performance. Whether you are seeking general advice, specific strategic counseling, or solutions to operational dilemmas, Terrance will answer your questions and provide innovative solutions to your business challenges.

Terrance Brennan offers his clients a unique wealth of knowledge and wisdom gained from over thirty-five years of hands-on experience as both chef and owner/operator of critically acclaimed restaurants and food businesses in New York City, arguably one of the most competitive, demanding, and difficult markets in the world. Having seen, and been through, it all, Terrance Brennan eagerly supports his clients as they embark in their journey to achieve restaurant success.

I approach all restaurants and projects with the same mindset of excellence. Whether it’s fine dining, fast casual or a product, the goal is to be the best in category.


Restaurant Consulting

As one of the country's most renowned Chef Restauranteurs, Terrance brings Michelin starred standards to each consulting project. Whether it is concept creation, menu design or operational support, Terrance believes in dynamic and versatile partnerships to help clients achieve their goals. 

• On-Going Operational Support
• Recipe Development and Testing
• Standards and Procedures
• Table Tops
• Quality Control

• Architecture & Design
• Business Analysis
• Concept & Development
• Kitchen Operations                    
• Menu/F&B


For smaller projects and partnerships Terrance is available in an advisory role. In this role Terrance will work with ownership and management to further their mission and improve quality and profitability.

• General Advice and Support
• Strategic Planning
• Overall Operations


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